On the Move

It's official: we have a mover. No more placing baby in one spot and expecting him to be there upon return. This stage has come way too fast and I'm not ready! We're finding that we're having to re-baby proof the house which the second time around is proving to be a nightmare. Having a toddler who has tiny dollhouse paraphernalia, minuscule hair ties, and leftover crumbs of food splayed all across the floor all throughout the house is driving me insane as I try to make sure Theo doesn't choke on anything. Thankfully he's more interested in power cords than Anna's hair ties (insert eye rolling emoji). He's not quite crawling, it's more of an army crawl or pull. The belly isn't officially off the ground just yet but that isn't stopping this guy. I've lost him a few times on the side of the couch, under the table, or the absolute worst, behind the toilet. And not only has he started crawling, he's also pulling up on anything in front of him: boxes, large toys, baby gates, the steps, my leg. He's not very steady and most of the time it ends in him falling and then crying, but again, it's not stopping him from trying. This guy is on a mission and I think it has something to do with trying to catch up with his sister, with whom he is madly in love. I mean, can you blame the kid?!

And for the books, here is his 7 month stats:

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