It's Getting Real, Folks

Is it ok to say I'm not really ready for baby boy to come? Yes, I want to meet our little man. Yes, I want to hold him in my arms and feel relief from all the aches and pain. Yes, I want to see Anna's joy when she gets to finally meet her baby brother. But mentally, emotionally, I'm just not ready. We have everything we really need. Diapers & wipes, check. Carseat, check. Bassinet, check. Blankets and clothes, check. Mama's milk, check when he makes his appearance. And while my body is definitely ready to feel back to normal again (I know it'll take a few weeks after he comes), I don't know if I'm ready for the sleepless nights, the wondering of why he's crying, the fear of Anna stepping on him or poking his eyes out, or the anxiety and realness that goes along with transitioning from one child to two. My concern when I was pregnant with Anna was all "Oh no, I don't have the nursery done yet." Psh, this time around, all he gets is a bassinet beside Mama. The nursery is the farthest from my mind now that I know what having a newborn is like. Plus with Anna and Juice Drop sharing a room he won't be in with her for a while so we'll keep it decorated for Anna for the time being. I'm officially seeing my midwife once a week now, I'll be tested for Group Beta Strep next week, baby showers are this weekend, soccer has started and the air is starting to cool. All of this means we are that much closer and inside I am freaking out. If you have any tips on how not to go crazy in the last few weeks and/or advice on transitioning from one to two I'd gladly welcome it ;)

Now let's get to a baby bump!

How far along? 35 Weeks and 3 Days

How big is baby? the size of a coconut and his testes have probably fully descended (not something I wrote during Anna's pregnancy lol)

Total weight gain: 36 pounds--officially more than what I gained with Anna and I still have 4 1/2 weeks left until due date! eek!

Maternity clothes? only when I'm in public trying to look nice, otherwise it's gym shorts, leggings, tshirts and tank tops

Sleep: just awful. Most nights I find myself on the couch. It's much softer than our bed and I feel better knowing I'm not waking Travis up from my tossing and turning.

Best moment this week: Anna and my birthday celebration over the weekend! Stay tuned for a post later this week :)

Miss Anything? feeling comfortable

Movement: morning, noon, and night ;)

Food cravings: junk, junk, and anything junk

Gender: baby boy!

Labor Signs: just the usual braxton hicks, nothing crazy this week.

Symptoms: major heartburn--it comes on even before I've eaten--I've had to resort to Zantac because Tums just aren't cutting it, braxton hicks, peeing all the time, out of breath, rib and back pain, and my favorite: baby kicks!

Belly Button in or out? out

Happy or Moody most of the time: pretty happy! 

Looking forward to: my two baby showers this Sunday and Monday! We are so blessed to have so many friends and family who are excited about Juice Drop.  

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