See that picture at the top

Yeah, the one where we're kissing our daughter on the cheek, not once, but twice, and her wanting to break free. This is the epitome of our relationship with her. We love this little girl so much and can't get enough of kissing, hugging, cuddling with her. She, on the other hand, tries to get out of those kisses, pulls away from hugs, and breaks free when we try to cuddle. And then there are times when we do something silly and she gives us a look like Are you serious right now? You are not funny, people! I didn't think this behavior would start until she's in middle school! Jeesh! I get it (a little), she's a busy girl and doesn't want people all up in her business when she's trying to explore, but can't a mama and daddy show a little love (all the time)?

Sorry, Anna, your parents will never stop loving you, never stop kissing you (especially in public!), never stop hugging and wanting to cuddle with you. So get used to it, baby!

Photo credit: my sister, Stefanie <3

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