Retreat Yo Self!

We try to break away often. Well not too often. But when you live where you work or work where you live, it's crucial to take a few days every now and then to retreat. To find rest, to recollect your thoughts, goals, dreams, to sleep in, to breath, to reconnect with yourself, with one another, and with God. Since we don't have the means to own our own home away from home, we are blessed with some pretty great friends who are generous enough to share theirs. Previously we've retreated to the mountains, to the beach, and this past weekend, to Lake Norman. While we were only there for a little over 24 hours it was just the amount of time we needed to stick our toes in the water, spend the evening in deep conversations mulling over the future, bask in the sunrise, enjoy a morning walk around the lake, and take a much needed two hour nap in the afternoon. The house was beautiful, the lake was beautiful, the scenery was picturesque, and Anna was cranky--but I didn't even care because everything else was glorious! We left that weekend refreshed, ready to take on another busy week of soccer practices and games, meetings, girls night, taking care of baby, homework help, and then flipping through our calendar to see when we can go back!

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