Thailand, Please Take Care of My Man

I've been waiting to write this post mainly because I just wish it wouldn't happen. My husband is leaving for Southeast Asia on Monday and will be gone for 16 days (SIXTEEN DAYS!!!). When he first told me about the opportunity to go to Thailand and a few other countries over there (I cannot say for safety purposes) I told him he should go for sure.

But Anna will only be 3 months old; I'm afraid I'll miss something, he said.

But, Travis, this is a trip of a lifetime, the entire Urban Eagles staff is going, and you'll be training hundreds of sports ministers. How can you not go?! 

Now that this trip is only 5 days away I'm beginning to question why I told him to go...of course, all for selfish reasons.

I really am so excited for him; he may even get to ride an elephant--totes jelly! I know the Lord is going to do some amazing things over there that will strengthen Travis' faith even more, and I can't wait to hear all the stories when he returns. I just wish he could take me along.

While he's riding elephants, eating authentic pad thai, and sweating in 95 degree weather, Anna and I will be shivering in the freezing cold air of Ohio. That's right, she and I will be heading back up north to be with family to keep us distracted from continually thinking about Daddy. I don't think I realize just how hard it's going to be not seeing, touching, or talking with him for 16 days. I'm trying to savor every last second with him before we leave one another, I'm trying to allow him to spend as much time with Anna before they leave one another. She can't receive enough kisses from her Daddy in the next few days. Ok, I need to stop, I'm going to make myself cry before it's even time! 

Please pray with me. Pray that the Lord would speak through Travis and the other guys going. Pray that these sports ministers who are being trained will be encouraged and take what they learn and use it for God's glory. Pray for the people who these sports ministers are ministering to, that they would come to know Jesus through the sport of soccer. Pray for health and safety for my man and the rest of the team. Pray for Anna and me.


  1. this makes me want to get to ohio as fast as i can to give you a hug and help you through the next 16 days! you are seriously an amazing wife to support him and be happy for him to go on such an adventure. you are absolutely not selfish at all for rethinking it...how could you not with sweet little anna depending on only you for such a long period of time? i can't imagine it myself! but i will definitely be praying for both of you guys-- for his safety while he travels and for everything to go smoothly with you and anna :) i really, really hope it all goes well!
    keep us posted!

  2. your courage is inspiring! prayers are definitely headed your way sweet girl. can't wait to hear all about the trip! xo


  3. when ada was a baby kevin started traveling to scotland for his doctoral work. the longest he was gone was 10 days, so not quite the same, but i totally understand how you feel. for me the worst was right before he left. once he was gone i kept us really busy and the time usually went surprisingly fast. it will help to be with family. i will be praying for you and anna and travis!

  4. Let me give you some advice. I was a military wife who has spent a total of 3 years apart from my husband, all while pregnant or with kids. My husband still travels regularly for work.

    16 days is NOTHING and it will fly by! Anna will never remember the time her daddy wasn't home. Being with family is definitely a good distraction. I also think it's great of you to support him going because that's what he needs right now. You will get through this no problem and you'll be back together before you know it!

  5. Hi Anna! So I actually stumbled across your blog from a pinterest post and have been following ever since! This post sounds similar to what is going on in my life right now; my husband is in the military and will actually be traveling to Thailand for the month of February. It's especially hard because I am pregnant with our first child, and he hasn't been gone for longer than a weekend during this time (and man, am I clingy!).

    One thing I know is that after every trip he goes on, I realize what is most important to me, the little things that I get caught up with or frustrated about that he does just don't seem to matter anymore. It's also nice to reaffirm for myself how strong and capable I am to take care of what I need to (while at the same time making me appreciate how much I rely on him when he is home).

    This is a wonderful thing that you are both doing. I hope this helps you with your anxiety, I think you will find that the time goes by quickly and that your lives are both so enriched from this experience.

  6. oh wow, that is SUCH an amazing opportunity for Travis. and yes, i would be just like you--sad when the time came for departure and "what was I thinking?"

    i will pray that God does a mighty work in both of you during this time. and praying that you will feel God's perfect peace over you.