A Year Ago Today

I took a test. The most important and exciting test of our lives. There was no need to study for such a test. I just took it, biting my nails in anticipation as the results showed up 3 minutes later on a little screen. Two lines. Or is it just one? I can't tell! Get the instructions out again! What does it say?! A line is a line, even if it's a faded line. Whelp, we definitely saw two lines, which meant I passed. You can read the rest of the story here, it was pretty exciting, to say the least! That was a year ago. Today is a much different day. Those two lines have turned into a tiny being that has changed our lives forever. A good and perfect gift only our Heavenly Father and ultimate creator can give. What a blessing and joy those two little lines have become. What a sacrifice it has been to become a parent, to love another more than yourself, to have your heart now on the outside of your body (I now know what that means). The first test was easy; it'll be the test for the rest of her life that will be challenging and yet rewarding!

From this...

To this!


  1. this brought tears to my eyes :') happy tears! i can't believe it's been a year ( for both of us!) it's seems completely unreal when i think about it. we are so blessed!

    i hope you two are doing well! not long til travis gets back now!

  2. she is sooooo cute!

    i remember those days of pregnancy tests like it was just yesterday.