There is more than one reason why I'm dancing a jig today

1. Salted Caramel Frappucinnos. I love the fall and not just because the month that brings a cooler breeze and beautiful colors is the same as my birthday but because I love the smells, tastes, and feelings that come along with it. Like candy corn, pumpkin candles (the only pumpkin I like), apple cider and pies, crispy, crunchy leaves under my feet, sweatshirts and jeans (see #2), Ohio State football, live soccer games, and this:

2. I'm in jeans! And you can bet I'm wearing these maternity jeans proud. Pretty much like Michael Scott from The Office enjoys a good pair of jeans.  Shorts and dresses are wonderful but nothing says fall like a comfy pair of jeans that have been sitting on your closet shelf all summer just waiting for you to slip your legs into them. Plus shaving your legs isn't a must anymore when jeans are involved :) This video is exactly how I feel:

3. Even though my birthday isn't until Friday (yes, 2 days after Juice Drop's due date), we're celebrating today! One reason is because we're really hoping Juice Drop will be here before my birthday (or maybe come on my birthday, which would be the best gift in the whole wide world!) and then we'd totally forget about my birthday because we're so wrapped up in her--which wouldn't be too terrible.

4. Juice Drop's due date is in 3 days! 3 days, people! Where has the time gone?? And yet, these last few weeks have felt like an eternity. Oh please, oh please, baby girl, don't make us wait too much longer after your due date to grace us with your presence. We wait with great anticipation the moment we meet face to face and gaze into your beautiful eyes and marvel at the wonderful works God has created in you!

So if you happen to see me today I may or may not be dancing a jig in my jeans holding a salted caramel frappucinno while Travis sings happy birthday to me and taking a stroll in the mall after my celebration dinner (because it's raining--I've gots to get my walking in for the day) hoping to naturally induce labor. Phew, busy, yet productive day, eh?! You kind of want to do a jig too, right? :)