A lot has happened over the last week and it's been difficult for me to find time and sit down to document it all...eh, who am I kidding?! I have all the time in the world now that I'm just watching the clock, waiting for Juice Drop to arrive. Let's just be honest, I've been lazy and haven't had the will to get on here and post anything. Now that I'm ready, I have too many pictures to add to just one post so I may have to break it up a bit and add pictures here and there over the next few weeks, or until Juice Drop arrives and she takes up this entire blog because her cuteness is too much to contain!

Anyway, Travis' birthday weekend was awesome--despite a few mishaps! We enjoyed a Friday night out at the Bonefish Grill (a new place for us). We try to enjoy date nights free from baby talk but alas, with the only thing on our minds lately being Juice Drop it's kind of difficult to talk about anything else. Saturday was great. Emily and her roommate and bestie, Sammie went with us to Strike City (an entire bar and grill devoted to The Ohio State Buckeyes!) and watched the Buckeyes whoop up on some University of Miami tail. Sunday night was supposed to be thee birthday dinner where I was supposed to be the best wife in the world and take him to enjoy his favorite meal: pad thai. As we pull into Thai Taste we noticed it was kind of empty and there on the door read "Closed Sundays". So what does one do when your birthday dinner is pretty much ruined? You head to McAllister's and ponder your options over a tall glass of Arnold Palmer (well, at least Travis does; I get a lemonade). He finally decided he wanted Donatos Pizza (a place new to the Charlotte area but nostalgic to us Ohio folk). As we head to Donatos we pass a restaurant that catches Travis' eye. He's all about the appearance of places so when he saw wooden slats across the entire front of the restaurant he had to stop and see what they were serving. (In the end, I don't think it really mattered what they were serving, he just liked the feel of the place!) Leroy Fox ended up being an amazing restaurant featuring world famous fried chicken and delicious southern sides (no where in the north can you find fried zucchini fries!) We had an wonderful time eating and enjoying one another's company--and guess what?! No baby talk! Monday was Travis' actual birthday and we were really hoping Juice Drop would make her debut, but as you can clearly see, she did not. I made him his favorite french toast breakfast and, we enjoyed the afternoon walking around the park, but not before heading to Chick-fil-a for Travis' favorite dessert: a peach shake...and what do you know? the ice cream machine is down! Mishap #2. So what's close but no cigar to Chick-fil-a's peach shake? The Cookout. 'Nuf said. The evening ended with a labor day dinner with some dear friends complete with a dance lesson from Miss Pat and Azavion (the wobble) and mint oreo chocolate cupcakes for the Birthday Boy! Like I said, a few mishaps and nothing too exciting, but Birthday Boy says it was an amazing weekend and he feels very loved...success!

The Albemarle Urban Eagles soccer season has officially begun! Along with Thursday evening soccer practices and Saturday morning games, we've added an evening for dinner, fellowship, and bible study. While it may seem like 18 boys in one tiny apartment is crazy, it's been a blast to have them all in our home learning about Jesus and His love for them. And yes, somehow we plan on continuing this Monday evening get together after Juice Drop arrives--she and I will hide out upstairs :) Praise God for an amazing start to the season! I can't wait to see all that God has in store for these boys.

Let's talk about naturally inducing labor...it's not working! I've been walking, doing prenatal pilates and yoga, house work, dancing the night away at a wedding this past weekend, amongst other things that can be left to the imagination :) Juice Drop must be comfy and cozy in there because nothing is persuading her to meet her Mama and Daddy. We try and tell her that inside of me she's not able to get all the cuddling and kisses she'll love once she's in our arms. We must have a stubborn one on our hands (hmm...sounds like her Mama and Daddy). I guess we still do have 9 days until the due date. I'll just keep doing what I've been doing and hope and pray she comes sooner rather than later! :)

Take a peek at what our past week looked like:

The Birthday Boy's cupcake...the progression of the next few pictures crack me up!

I do have to say that these cupcakes were to die for, and it was my first time making icing! I found the recipe here.

Monday evening bible study with the soccer boys...
 Boys first game...

Dancing the night away at our dear friends' wedding on Saturday night...

Our Sunday afternoon at the park...Bliss!

Enjoy your week!

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