Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!

How far along? 14 Weeks
Total weight gain: Gained 2 lbs between my first and second appointment—right on track! I don't have my own scale though so I'm not sure how much I've gained since second appointment
Maternity clothes? Yay for maternity leggings!! I seriously live in them, but since it's getting hotter I may have to resort to maternity biker shorts. I've also decided I'm going to try to make my own maternity clothes! Check out the links below 
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: can't get comfortable and I've started to not be able to sleep on back or stomach which is a bummer, plus it's 80 million degrees in our house since our a/c hasn't been installed yet!
Best moment this week: revealing the big news on Facebook! Everyone has been so nice and encouraging, we feel so loved! 
Miss Anything? working out as hard as I can--really trying hard to keep my heart rate below 140 bpm
Movement: just my organs moving and uterus expanding, nbd
Food cravings: hot dogs! and finally fed that craving with a footlong chili cheese dog at the Cook Out, soooo good!
Anything making you queasy or sick: only when I'm hungry--I've been ravenous!
Gender: don’t know yet--everyone thinks it's a girl, but Travis and I really believe it's a boy
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: peeing all the time! It's gotten worse--4 times in one night, that's a record! hungry all the time, and round ligament pain--I can literally feel my organs moving and uterus expanding for this babe!
Belly Button in or out? In--it's starting to stretch though :)
Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY! (ask Travis though, he may say otherwise :)
Looking forward to: Stef and Zak visiting next week!! 

This dress looks super easy, super cute, and super maternity friendly! You can see how Meg from her wonderful blog Tripping Over Joy made the dress here.

I also really love how Melissa from Sew Like My Mom made her own maternity clothes. Her blog is awesome, she has so many great ideas. You can find this wonderful tutorial here.

I'll be sure to post pics when I get these projects done--hopefully soon!

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