The Best Compliment

Ever since we announced to the world we're pregnant I've gotten so many comments like "you can't even tell yet!", "where's your bump?", "are you really pregnant?" Ok, a pregnant woman does NOT want to hear that you can't see her little baby popping through yet! Or is it just me? ha! If it is, then disregard this entire post! So after hearing a week full of "you can't see anything yet's" I received the most amazing compliment ever from a sweet 10 year old little girl.

We were finishing up the Urban Eagles tournament this past Saturday when I was hanging out with Biak, a 10 year old little girl from Burma. It had been a while since I had seen Biak and she didn't know yet that I was expecting. Before we said our good-bye's she looked down at my stomach and asked, "why does your stomach look different?" And before I could get "I'm pregnant" out of my mouth she asked, "you're not pregnant, are you?!" All I could do was smile--she was the first one to notice because of my bump!!! She didn't believe me, "You are not, why didn't you tell me?! Oh my gosh, are you serious?!" Then after lots of convincing "Yes I am, I haven't seen you in a while, I am really am, see, look at my belly bump!", she let out a huge shriek and gave me the biggest hug. I felt so much joy at that moment, not just because she noticed Juice Drop popping out a bit but because of how happy she was for me.

Biak, me, and Dulce at the first UE tourney in February. Biak is on the left.

So if you want to humor me, even if you have to tell a little white lie, just say you see something popping through. It'll make my day :)

P.S. Bought my first maternity wear! Leggings are the best, and yes, I will be living in them from now on.


  1. I could tell even from the pictures you posted before that you are definitely showing. So excited for yall!

  2. so so sweet :)) and SO SO happy for yall! how EXCITING!!!!!