While We Were Gone

So life didn't stop when we left for our 2 week vacation trip--wish it did though so we wouldn't have missed all the great things that happened while we were gone! Here are just a few things that took place:

1. Soccer practices, tutoring, and bible studies went on as usual. However, the Woodbridge Albemarle Community is now practicing at a field close by instead of the tennis courts. The kids have been really receptive to this change and enjoyed going somewhere other than their own "turf" for practice. 

2. Two Thanksgivings took place in two neighborhoods! Along with the Urban Eagles, there were three other ministries, including the church Travis and I are attending, that came to Birchcroft to put on a Thanksgiving meal on November 19th. Canned goods and prayers were given at every door and a potluck of Thanksgiving deliciousness was outside for everyone to enjoy. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving Grier Heights had their meal and moms were making their best Thanksgiving dishes and girls were putting on a dance performance for everybody. A community came together to share in the praises of the past year and families became one as they celebrated what God has done for them. I so wish we could have been a part of both these wonderful celebrations!

Grier Heights: not on Thanksgiving but a few weeks before--gives you an idea of what it was like :)
Birchcroft: Mom & David
Birchcroft: waiting for a delicious meal 
Birchcroft: enjoying a delicious meal

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