Blast from the Past

After 4 months we finally made the trip back up to our old stomping grounds and visited great friends (and one sister :) in the infamous Anderson, Indiana. On our way we just had to stop and see the one and only Miss Lindsey Marler who is a grad student at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. Who knew there were still old river ferries around, especially in the mid-west?! In order to see our great friend we had to ride a car ferry that fits at the most 3 cars and takes all of about one minute to cross a river that you could throw a stone across and clear the bank! It was such a neat experience and a great memory from a great visit. We talked with Lindsey into the night and encouraged one another in both of our current endeavors. The next morning we were delighted to have breakfast with Lindsey and also with our dear friend and fellow AU alum, Gina Shaner! It was a great time of catching up and hearing stories of our various lives before heading out and up to Anderson. 

It was such a surreal feeling pulling into A-town. Just 4 months before we were leaving with our whole lives and now we're back visiting so many who mean so much to us. We visited East Side Church and reconnected with GREAT friends, supporters, and our youth kids who we've missed so much! It's so great seeing how HeartBeat Preteen Ministries and LivesMatter Student Ministries is going! Heather O'Connor and Preston Kegley ROCK and they're doing such an amazing job! We didn't have any doubt that they could do it but they are going above and beyond even our greatest expectations :) 

Monday was a special day. We were able to see what an amazing job Austin Shaner is doing leading Unity Soccer. Most of you know that Travis started Unity Soccer a couple of years back (the same time Urban Eagles started and gave Travis a call) and Austin felt led to keep it going. It was so encouraging to see some of the same kids we played with when we were still leading Unity, and to see Austin's heart and passion put into this ministry is such a blessing. He is living out the gospel and bringing the Kingdom to this neighborhood--he's only 15! 

Bringing Takis to Anderson! These kids love Takis like our kids in Charlotte do! :)

Our Tuesday was spent with 4 amazing little girls and 1 amazing sister! Ah, to see the Holmes girls again made me miss Anderson all the more. They are getting so big and the babies (can't really call them "the babies" anymore) are talking like crazy. I was afraid they wouldn't remember me. When Travis and I walked in they looked at me for a few moments and then after a slight hesitation they both came to me and gave me a big hug. I knew right then that they hadn't forgotten (then they couldn't stop saying our names! :)

I can't forget to mention the family we stayed with and how amazing they were to open their home to us after only moving in 2 weeks before. Thank you, Courtney and Katie Taylor for your kindness and your friendship! Your beautiful daughters Abigail and Emma are too cute and so much fun to play with :)

We are so grateful for our community of friends and supporters in Anderson! If I were to give everyone a shout out who we saw and visited with while in A-town this blog would be way too long (might already be!) We love you all and can't wait to return again soon!

Now off to Carmel to visit our best friend, James, and his awesomely big family! 

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