Daughters of the King

We wanted to provide a place for the girls to feel beautiful. Beautiful in their skin, beautiful in their hearts. We wanted them to see who they really are. Not defined by the world’s standards but defined by their Heavenly Father’s. He says his daughters are beautiful, he delights over his daughters with singing, he brings purpose to his daughters’ lives. We wanted them to really see it, really feel it.

Emily transformed Laura, Susan, and Jackie’s back patio into boho chic with sari’s she acquired from her travels around the world draped over twinkling lights, lit candles set in mason jars, and flowers delicately placed in tiny vases. We thought it be appropriate to provide hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies—because, duh, what girl doesn’t love chocolate? And because we were going to share with the girls how they are daughters of a great high King, we planned to make crowns from ribbon and flowers.

The evening was lovely. We created our crowns, we devoured hot cocoa and cookies, we laughed, and then we read letters from our King of Kings based on verses from scripture. As each girl read a letter I was overwhelmed with joy. I prayed that with every word she would believe that her Creator adores her. I wanted to shout it from the rooftop (or that lovely patio) “don’t you see how beautiful you are because the great high King loves you?!” But I refrained, and instead let the written words do the talking.

I loved meeting new girls and catching up with the ones I've known for four years now. This evening was refreshing and exactly what was needed. Our girls nights are heading in a new direction, and I am excited for what the Lord has for these girls and hopeful for how he will draw them closer to him. We are his daughters and he will continue to fight until we know we are his, and only his. 


  1. This is so beautiful. Wonderful pictures. Every daughter deserves to be treated so specially. Even the sons. Your daughters are lucky to have you.