Often I wonder why God placed us where we are. I get bogged down counting all the people I know who would be "better" suited to be missionaries in a refugee neighborhood compared to us. People who could love better, have more compassion, better pray-ers, people who actually speak the same language as their neighbors, who are more selfless and are willing to give all their time to building up this community. I'm discouraged after I sit and think about all those more "qualified".

And then I hear a voice that says, "But I called you, and you said 'Yes!".

But why?

Why were we called? Why was I called?

I'm so very weak. I'm an introvert who longs for and savors my alone time. I avoid praying aloud at all costs for fear I won't have the most eloquent words and my prayers won't be good enough or the recipient(s) for whom I am praying won't be encouraged. I can only speak one language, however, I'm surrounded by hundreds whose second, third, fourth, fifth language is English. My flesh craves to be of this world desiring what I want and what makes me comfortable. Expressing compassion is not second nature for me. The first born syndrome in me disdains others for not following the rules or is eager to exclaim, "well, that's what you deserve. Fair is fair in my book."

I'm not proud of my actions, my feelings, my vulnerable confessions.

So, again, why with all my weaknesses has God chosen me (us) to live where we do? Ministering to refugees?

Because he chose Abraham, Moses, David, Ruth, Esther, Mary, and so many others. He chose Paul who proclaims:

"...'My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.' So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may work through me...For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

That is why we were sent here. Because His power is made perfect when and where we are weak. As we continue in this ministry our limitations become more and more apparent, and I'm realizing we become more and more qualified. 

I am qualified because I said "Yes!"

I am qualified because I am willing to be used as a vessel.

I am qualified because I am weak.

And I am qualified because I am unqualified. 

I am unqualified and He gets all the GLORY.


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  1. "I am qualified because I am unqualified"

    I think that is basically my life phrase right there. It's one I need to remind myself of when I start feeling like I can do it if I work harder/be better/do more. To use me God needs me humble, broken, and open to Him. This young momma thanks you for the encouragement in her small mission field.

    1. Yes! "If only I do this..." The enemy sure knows how to manipulate, huh?! Thank you for your honesty. So glad this could be an encouragement to you. All the best to you as you lean on Him while you wade through this crazy thing called motherhood!

  2. Love it when we have moments of realizing how much our weakness glorifies God! How often I forget this. And how foolish it often looks to the world, and occasionally other believers...until they experience it. Great thoughts, Jessica. Glad for your weaknesses, and mine (at the moment, they have a lot to do with motherhood!)

    1. Motherhood definitely brings me to my knees for sure, every.dang.day. Thanks for your thoughts! It's doesn't feel so lonely when we know we're all in this together, serving the same God.

  3. The day of the last comment (Jan 28 16)I was called into a ministry i never ever felt qualified for... After 3 long battles with postpartum depression which i felt no end... I quit my decade long career to go back to school for maternal mental health and to minister that even Christian women get PPD and even Christian women feel hopeless and done with life... I needed this so much on another day of wondering why...