zero point five

It's hard to believe we've come to the time where Theo has been with us for half a year already! Some days I feel like we just brought him home last week. Most days I don't remember life without him and feel like he's been with us forever.

Two days ago we went to his 6 month well visit and I was hoping to get the miracle answer for making him sleep longer. Apparently the miracle answer is that I need to feed him more. Wait, what?! Feed my already chunky monkey even more?! Dr. Brown said I'm starving him. I'm sorry, what?! The kid is 19 pounds and is in the 60-75%-tile. He already weighs more than Anna weighed when she was a year old! When the pediatrician says I need to be feeding him more she means I need to be feeding him solids and 3 times a day! So much for baby led weaning! I tried that for a few days and it didn't seem like he was eating anything--which I guess is how it works at first. I'm totally conflicted because everything I read online tells me babies under a year mainly need milk, solids are experimental, and baby led weaning is how the rest of the world feeds their babies. However, the pediatrician seems to be saying the exact opposite. Guys, I felt like she was going to call social services on me right then and there when I told her I'm not even feeding him solids everyday. I'm pretty sure at this point with Anna she was eating 3 times a day and loving it. For some reason with your second kid it's just not as exciting to jump into solids and I didn't feel rushed to start.

So we've taken starting solids slower with Theo. I would love to think that's exactly the reason why he's not sleeping through the night. But my motherly instincts are telling me otherwise. Even if he had been eating solids 3 times a day for a while now I believe he'd still be waking up throughout the night because it's not like he used to sleep through the night and now he's not because he's hungry. He's never slept through the night and by feeding him solids he's just going to all of sudden start? I just don't see that happening. Regardless, now that he's 6 months, I probably should get a move on. I'm going to try both purees and baby led weaning. Maybe spoon feed him oatmeal with bananas while he gnaws on a steamed apple slice. At least that way he's getting the calories the pediatrician said he so call needs and he's still practicing feeding himself.  I guess I got to go dust off the ole Ninja and de-ice the ice cube trays because, baby, we're going to be chowing down!

Oh so close to crawling!
Well hey there, Mama ;)

And just for fun let's compare my twins babies:
Anna at 6 months; weighed 15 pounds and was eating solids like a champ.
Theo at 6 months; weighs 19 pounds and would be happy drinking Mama's milk and that's it.

Let's not forget those awesome stats:


  1. He is adorable and definitely doesn't look like he's being starved. ;) We are starting solids after his 6 month check up in two weeks. Messes and smelly poops here we come. Haha.

    1. Thanks, Allison! We didn't think so either ;) Good luck with your little man! He's such a sweetie :)