2015, I dislike you already

We can't seem to catch a break. We've been sick since before Christmas. One right after the other. I guess we should've assumed it'd go that way. If one person is sick in the house the rest are soon to follow. I kicked it all off by coming down with the flu. The day my family was planning on joining us for the week of Christmas I got a fever, chills, cough, the whole shebang. I took ibuprofen like it was my job and sucked on cough drops until my throat was numb. I was bound and determined to be well while they were here. Travis insisted he wasn't going to get sick. His persistence didn't stand a chance and neither did my determination. He came down with a fever on day 3 of my family being here and my fever returned after being dormant for a few days. Having my family here was a huge help. I was sad we weren't able to do as much as we wanted to and I really wanted to be a good host while they were here, but really that's what family is for, to take care of you when you're down, to take care of your kids when you feel crummy. They couldn't have cared less if I was a good host. Even though Travis and I were both sick we ended up having a wonderful Christmas and as long as Anna and Theo were around to entertain I'm pretty sure my family had a happy Christmas too. 

First time in over a year all four of us were together. I couldn't let the flu keep me down. Thankfully Stef didn't get sick after I bit her ;)

Not even a week after my family left we were expecting Travis' mom, his brother, and sister-in-law. We were super excited to spend a few days with them watching Buckeye football in the Sugar Bowl, showing them around Charlotte, and again we wanted to be good hosts. Well, what do you know, the morning they were to arrive I woke up with a sore breast and fever which ultimately turned into mastitis later that day. Awesome. So I had to spend the next few days, while Travis' family was here, massaging my breast, taking hot baths, nursing as often as I could, and taking antibiotics and more ibuprofen to keep the fever at bay. Again, having family here though was a blessing. 

I recovered shortly after Travis' family left and we thought the kids might be in the clear. The flu had been out of our house for over a week and of course I wasn't contagious with mastitis. But then last week Anna started coughing. It was the exact cough I had before I came down with a fever. I called the doctor right away. Sure enough she had the flu AND strep throat!!! You'd never be able to tell though. She is a trooper. Her cough wasn't too bad and she didn't really ever get a fever. The worst part of her sickness was giving her Tamiflu. We had to get creative in how we gave it to her because the first few times she threw a fit and one time she vomited it up. It was awesome. After bribing persuading her with stickers and at one time a cookie (insert emoji with hands over eyes) she mustered up some courage and took her medicine like a champ. 

I was praying really hard and with my eyes closed really tight (not that that really matters to God) that Theo would stay healthy through it all. Then this past weekend a little cough started to rear it's ugly head. That sweet little cough. Poor guy. I took him to see the doctor this morning, and not surprising, come to find out he has RSV. Flashbacks of Anna from two years ago flooded my mind; memories of breathing treatments and humidifiers and suctioning snot. Then Anna exclaims "my turn, my turn!" So Dr. Brown played along and listened to Anna's heart with her stethoscope, and for good measure checked her ears. "Anna has an ear infection." You've got to be kidding me! She is still taking amoxicillin for her strep throat, how the heck does she get an ear infection!? Off to the pharmacy we went for the third time in three weeks for a stronger dose of meds for Anna and albuterol for Theo. 

Maybe this is how the sickness is spread. Just a guess.

My tough guy. That smile tells me the RSV isn't getting the better of him.

While 2015 didn't begin how I would've liked I'm hoping all the sickness we've had to endure isn't any indiction of what the rest of the year holds. But I've got to look on the bright side. Family was a huge help and great company over the past few weeks plus two really big things happened: Anna is potty training (wahoooo!!!) and our Buckeyes won the National Championship, so we're not too down in the dumps over here. 

We're so proud of our big girl! Look at all those stickers behind her. I'd say she's pretty proud too!

Raising them up right.

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