So Close Yet So Far Away

Vacation was absolutely amazing but it's also great being home. It's a good feeling knowing we don't have anymore big travel plans before Juice Drop numero dos arrives. It just means we're that much closer to meeting our sweet baby boy! Ohhh, the anticipation is just killing us! People are already starting to talk about fall and all that comes along with it, like sweatshirts, pumpkin drinks at Starbucks, football, and the cooler weather. But all I can think about when fall is mentioned is finally getting to hold my baby in my arms. It still feels so far away but I know it's closer than I realize. I mean, we're in double digits folks! October 25th is less than 100 days away WAHOOOO! 

How far along? 26 Weeks

How big is baby? the size of a head of lettuce and is taking breaths--of course he's breathing amniotic fluid but he's still practicing!

Total weight gain: 22+ pounds  

Maternity clothes? only when I'm in public trying to look nice, otherwise it's gym shorts, tshirts and tank tops

Sleep: it's been ok. Really starting to get uncomfortable. I woke up to a bloody nose a few times, and not sleeping in your own bed for 2 weeks in a row can really wear on a pregnant lady. 

Best moment this week: seeing sheer joy every time Anna played in the ocean. She loved it! 

Miss Anything? a glass of red wine. Ice cream had to suffice in the evenings--not totally bummed about this. 

Movement: morning, noon, and night ;)

Food cravings: chocolate! 

Gender: baby boy!

Symptoms: major heartburn--it comes on even before I've eaten, braxton hicks, peeing all the time, out of breath, and my favorite: baby kicks! 

Belly Button in or out? out

Happy or Moody most of the time: happy!

Looking forward to: getting back into our regular routine and (fingers crossed) potty training!--well maybe not the whole training part but hopefully being diaper-less very soon! :)  

I'm already missing Island life. Anna's reaction to the beach and the waves was priceless. Post about our wonderful week on Amelia Island is to come! 

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