Like Mother, Like Daughter

So many thoughts and images run through my head when I see my daughter holding her baby doll:

1. Memories of when I was little and I would do the same. My baby dolls were very real to me and I knew from an early age all I ever wanted to be was a Mommy.

2. My baby is growing up. That she even knows to hold her baby doll, say "ahhh", pat her doll on the back, and give her doll a kiss blows my mind! Just a few months ago I was doing that to her (and still do) and now she's doing it to her own baby. When did my baby girl grow up?!

3. My baby knows how to love. Even though she can't say the word yet, she knows what it means to love. When I tell her I love her, she leans into me for a hug and then an open mouthed kiss--it's slobbery, yes, but those are the best.

4. She had to learn that from someone! On top of being blown away by the knowledge our little girl already has, I'm also very humbled. The only reason she knows how to treat her baby doll that way is because she has also been treated that way from her own Mommy (and Daddy). She has started mimicking us, and this is by far my favorite!

5. She's going to be a good Mommy. Now this one I'm hoping is a very long time before I witness but she's already getting in some practice. I mean, what is more important from a Mommy than her love, hugs, and kisses?

Seriously, this whole parenting thing...yeah, it's only getting better.

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