Anna's First Birthday Party

When I first started planning Anna's first Birthday party rain never even crossed my mind. It wouldn't rain, it just couldn't. We were inviting well over 50 people plus the kids in the neighborhood so moving the party into our tiny apartment just wasn't a possibility. The party was planned for our front yard and rain was just not an option. Well, as soon as I was able to I checked the weather. Ten days out and there was a 40% chance of rain. And the chance increased as the big day drew closer with 70% chance of rain the day of. The back-up plan? Two tents borrowed from the office and my Dad's tent he brought from Ohio attached to our front and back doors. Well it worked, we moved 50 plus people into our home, and while it was packed we were thankful that the downpour held off until after the party because guests were able to stand under the tents and even under the trees without getting soaked.

With all that to say, the party was AMAZING! Anna did awesome, she looked adorable, we were so thankful our family and friends were there to help celebrate, and she destroyed her cake (not by eating it but by playing with it!). Speaking of cake, Travis' cousin, Angel made Anna's cake, my cake (because it was my birthday too!), and the cupcakes, and let me just say Angel is brilliant! Her cakes are absolutely beautiful and delicious, to die for! She made our reveal cake too and when planning for Anna's birthday she suggested making another ombre style cake. I thought it would be perfect, and I continued the ombre theme into the rest of the decorations and even into Anna's outfit!

I'm going to stop typing now because I know why you're really here--to see the pictures, so without further ado, I give you Anna's First Birthday Party:

Pink tutu and a pop of gold for this little Lady! Mama had to match little Lady so I went with a white dress, gold flats, and gold and pink jewelry.

Here's my attempt at moving my decorations indoors:

Besides digging into the cake, Anna's favorite part was the watermelon. I swear she had like 5 slices!
Anna loves her Great Grammy! And Great Grammy loves her little Anna!

Look at these cakes! Amazing and oh so cute!! ...  :)

Happy Birthday dear Anna!!

Honestly, she was not a fan of the taste. She tried a few bites but spit most of it out. When she realized it was more fun to squish in her fingers she went at it!

By the time I took this picture some of the chalk was starting to wear off. And you read that right, Anna likes Mumford and Sons. Yep, it's the only music that'll calm her down in a car ride. Those guys are heaven sent.

The one and only good shot we got as a family. The rain and trying to host and enjoy the party was too much to ask for to stop and take more than one decent photo. 

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Anna Jubilee! You are loved more than you'll ever know!

Decorations and Anna's outfit: DIY
Some of the photos: my sister, Stefanie


  1. so much fun!!! you sure know how to throw a party :)) such a beautiful fam!

  2. Love her outfit and the color scheme!

  3. may you live long ANNA... My love for you.

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