Just a Sip

Let's be honest, how many of you Mommas are able to get an hour to yourself everyday? To pray, to read, just to breath?

Cue crickets...

Not many, huh?

Well how about just five minutes?

Sometimes I don't even get that, how about you?

Let me stop and say right now that the past ten months have been Uh-mazing! I've loved every moment with my precious baby girl. She has definitely brought out the best in me and I'm living out my dream and calling in life.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend who asked me what God has been teaching in my life. I gulped. Most times I'd make something up, you know, the usual: rely more on Him, trust Him more, yada, yada... But this time I told the truth, *gasp*, I said "I actually have been in kind of a rut, really since Anna was born. I haven't found much time to just sit and be with God, enjoy His presence, and learn from Him." Instead of giving me the look I expected (total disgust, how could you!?), she was very gracious and said "that's alright". She continued by quoting one of my favorite people and Travis' boss, mentor, and good friend with one of his, oh, so famous analogies. She said before you have children you're most likely to receive God like a waterfall. Sometimes He's pouring so much into you that you almost can't take it all in. Then after you have children the time you spend with God is more like taking a sip from a flask. And that sip is usually all you need to just keep going. Whether it's a chapter in the Bible, a song, or just a simple prayer, God I need you more than ever today!, sometimes that's all we can give for the day. There are days when I feel so guilty for not giving Him the time He deserves. But then He reminds me that He made me a mother (a mother who is busy taking care of another human being, a mother whose job it is to love, nurture, and guide, a mother who is trying to keep a household together by doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.) and He is delighted when I sing "Jesus loves me" with Anna or when I read from her little story Bible or when I tell her stories of what God has done for us, for her. I know there will be moments when I feel the waterfall affect but I also realize those are few and far between and some days all I need is just a sip from the flask.

How about you? What is your "sip from the flask"?

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