8 Months of Joy

Remember when I was a basket case and cried everyday because I wasn't ready for Anna to grow up? Well I've moved on to bigger and better things. My tears have turned to laughter. I LOVE the age Anna's at right now. Eight months--wow! I'm still reluctant for her to grow up but she's learning new things everyday and it's amazing to see. All I can do it laugh. She's (kind of) crawling--more like pulling but the girl gets around. She's found her voice and has a piercing scream that can be heard throughout any supermarket. Oh, and she's a little monster--she literally growls, like a little monster! We have no idea where she got this from but whenever we bring her close to our hair she grabs it and then growls like she's going to eat it! She's an absolute goofball, and it's no wonder with the parents she has! She looks to her Daddy when she wants to have fun and wants her Mama when she needs a little TLC. This girl has got our hearts and I have a feeling she's not going to let go anytime soon.

You can almost hear her growling here!
She loves spitting and playing with her tongue.
 Those eyes, those piercing "green/blue/brown/whatcolorarethey?" eyes!


  1. For some odd reason my blogger has not been showing your post. I've been pretty sad, i thought maybe you made your blog private and tonight i decided to just take a peep just to make sure, and you have been updating!! Dang internet! Miss. Anna is just beautiful!

    1. Aww thanks, Amanda! Glad you found me again :) I love keeping up with you and your sweet pea too!