First Road Trip

How does one pack for a 5 week old for one night?

Gather a box of 20 diapers, 2 packages of wipes, 10 bibs, and 5 burp cloths. Pack 4 days worth of clothes according to two different seasons (end of summer, beginning of fall), disassemble the bassinet, make sure you have the stroller and carrier (for options), and you should be good to go!

Check, check, check, check, and oh shoot, I forgot her pants!

Poor Anna had to go pantless on her first road trip. And the Parent of the Year Award goes to: Moi. As I was packing it was still in the 80s and this girl gets super hot, so she usually struts around in her short or long sleeve onesies sans pants all day. Of course it had to be in the low 70s and windy the weekend we decided to travel to Charleston, but at least it made for a funny long running joke and thank Heaven for tall cozy socks!

Her first weekend away from home was a success. We had no major catastrophes, Anna slept through the night (except to eat), and she enjoyed cuddle time and kisses from Uncle Dave and Aunt Kristen. We visited the beach for a bit and put baby tootsies in the sand. You could say this little lady is like her Mama and will one day be a beach bum. She took in the scenery and enjoyed feeling the wind blow through her hair--and let me tell you, the wind was brutal!

I wish we could've stayed longer but this was great practice for when we visit Uncle Troy and Aunt Carly for Thanksgiving in California for a week! There will be a lot more packing for that so I'm starting the list today and first on the list: PANTS!

I can't get enough of these tootsies!
With the wind at her back she hasn't a care in the world! 

Photo Sesh with Daddy! Ohh I could eat her up, I love her so!
I'm pretty sure if I had let go Anna would've blown away!

Any other fun first road trip stories out there? 

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  1. Our first overnight "vacation" was with two kids under two. My daughter was 23 months, and my son turned 3 months while at the hotel. We were only there for two nights but we packed enough for at least a week. It was absolutely ridiculous! I mean, we pack less now for a two week vacation (thousands of miles from home) than we did for this trip (only an hour away)!