Running into His Glory

Have I mentioned that I love Charlotte? Not just because of everything it offers; it has a lot to do with the weather and the fact that I can go running outside if I so choose in January. Yesterday was probably one of the best runs I have had in a long time. Running isn't my preferable method of working out; I'd rather do Zumba or Turbo Fire (something that can get my mind off of actually working out!) But yesterday I just couldn't pass up the chance to get outside and run as far as my legs could carry me, or at least until the sun went down since it was 4:30 in the afternoon. And all I can do is praise God for it being that late in the day because I experienced something that I could only describe as being a "Saul to Paul Moment". If you don't know what I'm talking about go check out Acts 9 in the Bible right now! As I was running the path on the McAlpine Greenway Travis of course left me in the dust and all alone in my thoughts as I briskly jogged along. Usually I’d be frustrated that the sun was blinding me on a run but I couldn’t help but bask in it. There was one point where the sun was so bright all I could think about was God and all His glory and the fact that He is so great and mighty that when we finally meet Him it’ll be much like the sun blinding me on my run. We won’t be able to even look upon His face because we’ll be blinded if we do! I’ve never experienced the sun shine so brightly before that moment, I’ve never been so blinded by the sun that I could not see anything else around me. I just remember thinking ‘if another runner or biker comes along they better be the ones that get out of my way because I can’t see a thing!’ Now I wasn’t totally blinded like Paul was and I didn’t hear Jesus speak to me like He did Paul but I believe I caught a little glimpse of what Heaven will be like: totally enveloped by the glory of God and wanting to never leave His light. Of course because I’m not in Heaven yet I had to leave the light of the sun as it began to set behind the trees but I won’t soon forget the feeling that swept over me during those few minutes, the feeling that kept me running into His glory.

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