Welcome to the 21st Century!

It's about time we got here! Well I guess we're still a little ways away from really stepping into the 21st century. We share a car, we share a cell phone (not a smart phone), we have a 1st generation ipod that holds only 200 songs, we don't have the internet at our home, and we have yet to skype. BUT, we now have a blog! And you can "Keep Up with the Joneses" by checking it out every once in a while. A lot is happening right now and sometimes it's easier to write it out (I like lists). In less than 4 weeks Travis's brother, Troy and his beautiful fiance Carly will be getting married, we'll be leaving East Side Church of God as youth and children directors, leaving Anderson, moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, and becoming missionaries in the inner-city. Whew! Not to mention, all the fine details that go along with everything stated above...I think I've felt every emotion known to man. It's hard being excited about something to come when you are so sad to leave what you are used to and love. Plus add the feeling of uncertainty of the unknown times all the other 589,490,376 emotions God blessed His children with!

I really am so excited to have my own blog now! Not exactly sure what all will be on here. Travis and I try to live life simply, enjoying all that God blesses us with, and we hope to share that same joy with you. Join us as we share our life with the entire internet world!

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